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Day Program Central Park

Suited to: those individuals who would benefit from the joys of daily experiences with others who appreciate the same community structure.

We offer individualized Life Enrichment programming for those with memory loss. Our specialized programming stimulates the intellect and engages individuals in success-oriented social interactions. Our broad range of activities – from outdoor gardening and painting in private, inner courtyards, to live musicians and entertainment – all in our secure community environment.

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Short Term Stays Central Park

Suited to: Caregivers and family members requiring time to look after their own needs. All amenities are enjoyed during short term stays at Balfour – dining, life enrichment, personalized care plans, and more.

Balfour Central Park short term stays provide families the opportunity to care for their loved one for short periods of time. Loved ones enjoy a safe, comfortable, and fun environment while caregivers benefit by getting time to look after their own needs.

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