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To contact Assisted Living at Balfour Retirement Community, please call
303-926-1000 or send us an email.

Rehabilitation and Respite Care at Balfour Retirement Community

Rehab Care in a Unique Setting

Residents who join our rehabilitation program can expect a high level of rehab in a comfortable home-like setting – unlike institutional environments common in hospitals. Our program includes a full range of therapies including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy with access to our fully equipped gym. Residents are thoroughly assessed by licensed therapists who develop an individualized rehab plan that will help them reach their desired goals, whether that be returning to their own homes, assisted living, or a higher level of functioning in the a skilled nursing setting. Therapy services are available up to five days per week depending on the individualized plan. The therapy company is Medicare licensed and can bill Medicare Part B and many private insurance companies for the cost of therapy services. For more information please contact us at 303-926-1000.

Respite Stays in our Community

Caregivers and those they care for will benefit from our respite stay program. Respite stays give family members the opportunity to take a break from caregiving and at the same time gives those they care for a chance to socialize and participate in Balfour’s community life. Stays in our skilled nursing or assisted living community can be arranged based on availability. For more information please contact us at 303-926-1000.

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