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To contact Balfour Cherrywood Village, please call 303-604-2700 or email.

Megan Carnarius, RN, NHA, MT
Executive Director of Balfour Cherrywood Village

Knowing there are 5.3 million people with Alzheimer’s does not make the decision to move a loved one into memory care or a nursing home environment any easier. But knowing there is a place like Balfour Cherrywood Village will.

Alzheimer’s, memory care and dementia programs have made incredible progress since I started the first secure Alzheimer’s unit in Boulder County, Colorado back in 1989. Today, at Balfour, our team has over 75 years of combined experience helping people with all forms of memory loss.

And if there’s one overriding principle we’ve learned, it is memory care isn’t just about loss, it’s also about gain.

For example, many of the people in our programs have energy to burn, but may be confused about what to do and where to go. A setting like Balfour Cherrywood Village is ideal because we lave lots of room for our residents to safely roam and a constant flow of activities to entertain and enrich their lives. They can join physical fitness classes, gardening, fine arts, aromatherapy and enjoy pet visits.

We take great pride in creating an environment that maximizes strengths, sustains abilities and brings real joy and a sense of purpose to our residents. They make new friends, find romance and feel a part of a community at large—a vibrant community that’s geared to their new life.

I invite you to visit our community and meet our team members whose energy and compassion make Balfour a national leader in Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory care.


Megan Carnarius, RN, MT, NHA

Executive Director,
Balfour Cherrywood Village

To contact Balfour Cherrywood Village, please call 303-604-2700 or email.


Megan Carnarius is Executive Director of Balfour at Cherrywood Village. She is a registered nurse (RN), licensed nursing home administrator, and nationally recognized expert and sought after speaker on Alzheimer's disease.