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To contact Balfour Cherrywood Village, please call 303-604-2700 or email.

Mom used to say, for every door that closes, another opens. Our Life Enrichment programs prove that every day.

Like all Balfour communities, we offer a full Life Enrichment program that’s so essential to our residents’ physical and mental well being. But Cherrywood’s programs are specially designed for people who need memory care, with an emphasis on sensory stimulation.

On any given day, you’ll find people enjoying over a dozen different activities, nearly 200 every month. Some are quiet, peaceful forms of self expression like outdoor gardening and painting. While others are more stimulating and social like sing-alongs and games. It’s a fine balance that keeps people from becoming either over-stimulated or lethargic.

An important aspect of individual’s well being is to feel like a member of a larger community.  So we get out and about and go to places like the Denver Zoo, coffee shops, Boulder County parks, and the nearby Butterfly Pavilion. For those who need less strenuous outings, we take scenic drives through Boulder’s scenic foothills and mountains that are so close by.

There are exercise programs that help our residents develop better sleep patterns at night. And music therapy, dance therapy, massage therapy, even aroma therapy using stimulating citrus scents in the morning and more relaxing scents like lavender later in the afternoon. And we all know just how calming it is to be around a loving dog or cat, so our pet therapy program is always popular.

Memory care at Balfour is based on validation and therapy rather than reality orientation to engage our residents. This means we tap into the strengths of our residents’ long term memory, their life histories and individual talents, instead of their weaker short term memory.

In this way we meet our residents in their world and in their time, where we can be most effective in helping individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia to build friendships and engage them in a way that brings them joy and a real sense of purpose. Those are doors always worth opening.

To contact Balfour Cherrywood Village, please call 303-604-2700 or email.


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