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A Full calendar every day of the month. Because life should be lived to the fullest.

If there’s an unofficial motto at Balfour, it’s “Never Stop Growing.” So we have over 300 ways to do just that, every single month. The question is, where to start?

Want to enrich your mind? Try our exclusive CU Professor Series. Professors from the University of Colorado, Boulder, share their expertise on topics as varied as recent discoveries on Mars to new facts about Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale.

Rather be entertained? Let’s go to the Central City Opera, the Denver Performing Arts Complex or our very own Chautauqua Theater.

Like to keep in shape? We do, too. Physical well-being is key to aging well. Balfour has wellness and fitness programs for all ability levels, from strength training to water aerobics, to tai chi and yoga.

Your personal on site trainer can assess your fitness level and create a program just for you. We even offer special programs designed by the Arthritis Foundation and Stanford University to help self-manage chronic disease.

You’ll find a Men’s Pub Club, Book, Movie and Wine Club, planned excursions to Boulder and beyond, and the always popular afternoon happy hour. There are far too many to mention here. But all share a common goal—to help you live a full, enriched life.

And if there’s something you want to do that we’re not already doing, tell us and together, we’ll make it happen. That’s what makes Balfour different—you’re in charge.


Annual Balfour Polo Charity Event


Daily Dog Walk


Casino Night at The Manse