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To contact Assisted Living at Balfour Retirement Community, please call
303-926-1000 or send us an email.

Sandy Christensen, RN, NHA
Vice President of Operations and Executive Director of Balfour Retirement Community

With the right support, you don’t give up independence. You get more of it.

“I strongly believe that no matter what your age, there is always room to grow. No matter what your health issues, you can still have a meaningful life.”

I’d like to take credit for that statement. But it actually came from a resident here at Balfour. And I think about it every time I meet a new visitor to our assisted living community. They’re nervous. Maybe even afraid. And sometimes apprehensive about a “nursing home” environment. And all they can think about is the life they’re giving up.

But once you’re here, you soon realize that with the right care, you can actually become more independent than you ever thought possible. You no longer have to worry about taking your medications, because we’re here to remind you.

You don’t have to have that nagging suspicion that you’re not eating well enough. Because now your home comes with a professional chef. One that takes requests. And once you sample some of his creations, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Laundry? Housework? Taken care of.

You may have difficulty getting around, but you are no longer isolated. We have so many things to enrich your life, we had to get a Life Enrichment Director just to organize them all. Bridge clubs, movie clubs, book clubs. Wine tastings. Wii Bowling. Exercise classes. Yoga. Almost 200 different activities every month, including things to get you outside and enjoying Colorado again.

On any given day, you’ll see residents demonstrating why Balfour is a true community, in fact, the Boulder, Colorado area’s premier assisted living community. When people tell me this sure doesn’t look or feel like any other assisted living community they’ve ever seen, I know we’re on the right track. We want this to feel like your new home.

You may need help with some of those every day activities called life, but you can remain independent. Here at Balfour, that’s a promise.


Sandy Christensen, RN, NHA 

Executive Director Balfour Retirement Community

How Do You Know If Assisted Living Is the Right Choice?

Assisted living should not be about taking away independence, but rather providing the support that is needed for a family member or loved one to remain independent longer. It should also be about a supportive community that offers a range of services to help individuals manage their daily needs while offering opportunities to stay involved with their families and community, and socialize with peers. The following situations should be considered if you are wondering if assisted living is an option for you or your loved one:

  • forgetting to take prescribed medications
  • not eating well or enough
  • difficulty getting around
  • isolated with little or no socialization
  • lack of activities to fill time

We also understand that people often find themselves in situations where they need to make a decision quickly or unexpectedly about their own care or a family member’s. The staff at Balfour is always ready to take the time to help you quickly understand your options and give you the confidence and comfort that our community is the right choice for your new home.


Sandy is leading the next generation of senior care with over 20 years of experience in all levels of long-term and geriatric health care.